5 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Eat Oysters

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You’ve probably already heard many times about oysters being a great aphrodisiac. But have you heard about the other benefits of oysters? The health benefits of oysters are what make this seafood different from others. Consuming oysters can help in many health aspects, like boosting immunity, increasing bone strength, and even losing weight.   

If you ever wondered are oysters good for you, you’re finally going to get your answers. We’ll talk a bit more about oysters’ health benefits and how you can use them to your advantage.   

What Are Oysters?   

A variety of bivalve mollusks that you can find in the sea, and brackish waters have a common name, oysters. There are many different varieties of oysters; some of them are grown and harvested because of their pearls and shells, while others can be enjoyed as a delicacy.

Humans have enjoyed edible oysters for many centuries, and it’s not just because of the taste; it’s also because of oysters’ health benefits. You can eat them prepared raw with many additions or cook them in various ways.   

Are Oysters Good for You?   

It’s okay to ask if something is good for you or not, but there is no need for a question like, are oysters good for you? Why you may ask. It’s because the benefits of oysters come to light first when you look at its nutrition facts.   

This seafood is packed with vitamins and minerals. One of the main benefits of oysters is they are rich in zinc, and selenium, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and other B-vitamins, iron, copper, potassium, and manganese.   

But that’s not all. Oysters are considered a significant source of antioxidants, which can be great for your health. They’re also a great source of good cholesterol, an excellent source of lean protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.   

Health Benefits of Oysters   

Now that we know the nutrition facts about oysters, we’re going to talk about why oysters are good for you and the health benefits of oysters.   

Be aware that only a few scientific research papers are available for some of these oysters’ health benefits, and more is needed to confirm the plausibility. However, the benefits of oysters are real; these are some of them.   

  • They are a great source of protein.   
  • They can help you with weight loss.   
  • They can help in strengthening your bones.   
  • They can be good for your heart health.   
  • They can be good for your overall immune system.   

Great Source of Protein   

When thinking about a crucial part of a human diet, we shouldn’t exclude protein. There are many options when choosing a protein to eat, from animal protein to plant-based ones. Animal protein is often used as the primary source of protein in many people’s diets, but animal protein comes with a significant flaw. Often meat contains a lot of fat and is not always the best option for protein. That’s where the oysters come, and one of the benefits of oysters. Oysters are not as high in protein as poultry or red meat, though they are a much healthier option.   

Weight Loss Benefits   

How can oysters have anything to do with weight loss? They can help you as part of your diet because they are highly nutritious but low in fat and calories. There must have been a moment when you thought how great it would be that there is some food that you can eat, feel full, but not gain weight. Now you know, oysters are just that. And if you are thinking, why is this considered one of the health benefits of oysters? Because eating them, you won’t starve yourself while losing weight. It’s a healthy way to lose weight if you incorporate them into your diet. However, the key to life is balance; you shouldn’t overeat them; they are still high in sodium and can affect your blood pressure. Oysters are good for you, but you shouldn’t exaggerate. 

Good for Bone Health   

As we mentioned, oysters are rich in many minerals, especially calcium. Calcium is a crucial mineral in fighting various bone conditions, like osteoporosis. This mineral promotes an increase in bone density and durability. One study found that products with fermented oyster extract and those fortified with oyster shells could treat osteoporosis.   

Good for Heart Health   

One of the hidden benefits of oysters is that they are high in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are excellent for maintaining a good heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and fighting inflammation. Alongside omega-3 fatty acids, there’s also a high content of magnesium and potassium, which can help relax blood vessels, reduce strain on the whole cardiovascular system, and help with lowering blood pressure. The next time you order seafood, remember that oysters are good for heart health.  

Immune System Benefits   

Zinc is vital for our immunity and cell function, and we need it in our lives. You can get it from poultry and red meat. But just like the story with protein, oysters are a bit healthier source of zinc than poultry and red meat, and they contain much more zinc. Selenium is also crucial for good health and helps in fighting chronic illnesses.   

When it comes to antioxidants, oysters have a unique one called DHMBA that’s highly beneficial for our health. Alongside zinc, it helps memory, betters our brains, and fights oxidative stress.   

If you have iron deficiency or suffer from anemia, oysters can be an excellent addition to your diet. One of the benefits of oysters is they are a great source of iron. A serving of oysters can give you almost the daily requirement of iron. With a boost of iron, your blood circulation can be better; you can feel less fatigue and overall feel better.   

By now, you might already have a clear picture of the various health benefits of oysters and how many vitamins, minerals, and other crucial compounds they have. Altogether, oysters are good for your immunity; they can help you maintain a balanced and healthy immune system. If you want to boost your immune system and you lack vitamins D or C, or even B12, you can get them by implementing oysters into your diet.   

Eat Good and Stay Healthy  

It’s the best when you can eat well yet still stay healthy. Food is our fuel, which powers our bodies and gets us going. Tasty food is even better because it can improve our whole day. And when you combine the two, you have the best pair possible. Many think that healthy food can’t be delicious at the same time. We hope we managed to change your mind with these oyster facts if you thought the same.   

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