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There are many things Miami is known for, like interesting events and delicious seafood. And one of the most exciting events in this city is the Miami Boat Show, the world’s largest boat and yacht show. If you plan to visit it this year and need ideas about what to do after, we’ve got some ideas for you. 

As we mentioned, Miami is also known as a city with the best seafood, and many people visit it solemnly because of that. And if you want to experience the true essence of this city, you need to try some of its specialties, like shellfish. You shouldn’t miss eating oysters when visiting The Magic City; we will teach you the proper way to eat oysters. 

So, if this sounds interesting and you want to eat like a champion after the Miami Boat Show, keep reading.

The Fabulous Mollusks

The word “oyster” describes several different saltwater bivalve mollusk species. Many of them are bizarre in shape and strange looking. Some would even say they look ugly and relatively unappetizing. 

However, some varieties are eaten regularly and are considered gourmet food in many cuisines. 

It’s because oysters are like those people that seem unpleasant and harsh at first glance, but in reality, they are pure sweethearts. Despite their rough exterior and unappealing looks, this seafood is rich in flavor, and it can be eaten alone raw or cooked in various dishes. Calcium, iron, and protein are also a plus, as they are all abundant in these shellfish.

If you have never done so, you should try them at least once. They are not for everyone, so there’s a chance you won’t like them. However, there’s a chance you’ll fall in love, and that makes the risk worthwhile.

And Miami is the perfect place to try them, just after Miami Boat Show. But before that, you need to learn the proper way to eat oysters.

How to Eat Oysters – The Proper Way to Eat Oysters

Florida is known for its rich seafood cuisine and incredible dishes with local and international twists. You are lucky if you are visiting this part of the world as you will be able to eat anything your heart desires and indulge in tasty dishes. If you go out on an adventure and your goal is eating oysters, and you want them cooked, you are in for a treat and don’t need any further explanation. Spoil yourself with the divine goodness of cooked mollusks and enjoy. 

However, if you are feeling super adventurous and you are thinking about eating raw oysters, there are some things you need to know first, especially if you’ve never eaten them before.

How to Eat a Raw Oyster 

If you’ve never had them raw, we can understand why you have the jitters, or it might feel a bit spine-chilling. The question “how to eat oysters” can even haunt you in your dreams. They can look weird and like nothing you’ve tried before. Even if you’ve done it numerous times, eating oysters can still feel strange, especially in public places.

But hear us out; you don’t have to be scared; you just need to follow our instructions on how to eat a raw oyster, and you’re good to go.

Only Eat the Good Stuff

It should be a no-brainer, but we need to say it; when eating raw oysters or any raw seafood, you should only eat the good stuff. 

Eating raw seafood, especially shellfish, can be tricky, and you want to consume only the freshest possible choices. You should ensure the mollusks are fresh, and the best way to do that is to go straight to the source. It means you’ll find the best ones in the places where they are locally harvested. And you are lucky, as Miami has seafood joints serving locally sourced shellfish.

If you don’t bother to find the best quality assortment of shells, your experience of “eating raw oysters” can end badly. And you don’t want that, believe us. To secure your safety and pleasing experience, only visit the places known for fresh seafood.

How to Eat Oysters – Loosen It Up

The first step in how to eat a raw oyster is preparing it. Fortunately, when eating raw oysters, you’ll get them opened, so you don’t have to shuck them and risk hurting yourself and those sitting close to you. 

But still, what is the proper way to eat oysters? Do you bite it from the shell, slurp it, or what? It may seem scary and overwhelming if you’ve never done it, but it’s nothing special. 

When served, the shells will come with a tiny fork, your best friend. You will use it to loosen the flesh, so you can quickly eat it. Once you use the fork to loosen and detach it from the shell, you can use the shell as a vessel to bring this delicacy to your mouth. Next, you need to tip the vessel a little and indulge in the pure delight of taste.

You Need to Taste It

To truly enjoy this intriguing seafood, you need to taste it properly. And when it comes to this, the opinions are divided. Some will say you need to swallow it immediately, while others argue you need to bite it before swallowing. We must agree with the latter and say you must bite the oyster to experience its flavors truly. By quickly swallowing it, you are not doing anything. You are not letting yourself taste the true essence of this food, and you are robbing yourself of an exciting adventure. 

Also, an important thing to notice is that with the flesh comes a liquid in the shell, and you are supposed to swallow it too. The juice is salty and flavorful, and it complements the oyster perfectly. Adding a few drops of lemon juice can enhance the overall flavor. 

Eating Oysters Should Be Fun

Eating raw oysters is meant to be fun and something you’ll retell to your friends over and over. And the best way to make it fun is to know the proper way to eat oysters, which we covered until now. But to make it even more fun, you should pair it with an excellent alcoholic beverage. Our recommendation is always a special glass of bubbly, no matter the occasion. You can always find a reason to celebrate something, even at a Sunday brunch or after Miami Boat Show. And a glass or two of sparkling wine goes perfectly with this fascinating shellfish. 

Eating Oysters at the Best Place After the Miami Boat Show

Hopefully, you still remember the one essential thing when eating shellfish; finding the best place serving only the freshest locally sourced seafood. Lucky for you, we know where you can eat as much as possible and enjoy it fully. 

Stiltsville Fish Bar is a casual and lovely local restaurant in the Sunset Harbor neighborhood. It attracts locals and visitors from around the world with high-quality seafood prepared by Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, two of the top chefs in the industry, and perfectly crafted cocktails. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed, and the food is out of this world. It’s a place where you will feel like you are welcomed and at home. 

It’s the ideal place to visit after the Boat Show held from 15th to 19th Miami February because you’ll experience the city’s true essence here. If you are ready to partake in something extraordinary, come here after the boat show and eat the best oysters of your life. Call us today so that we can set you up with a reservation of your lifetime!

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