Best Seafood in Miami to Try with Your Dad This Father’s Day

 In Father's Day in Miami

Father’s Day is approaching slowly but surely, and it’s time to decide where you want to spend it. And don’t think about skipping celebrating, as this holiday is the perfect opportunity to honor your father and show him how much you appreciate him. Father’s Day dinner or brunch is the ideal way to spend quality time with your dad while enjoying some delicious dishes.  

If you are in the Miami area or are planning to visit the city during the holiday weekend, we have a lot of recommendations to give you. And when it comes to the place you are going to visit, we have the best idea. 

Miami’s seafood restaurants are the best, and there are numerous options you can choose from, and you would need months to visit them all. We made a list featuring the best seafood in Miami, so you choose much more effortlessly.  

Seafood in Miami is beyond delicious, as it’s fresh-caught and local. You can enjoy many tasty specialties for your Father’s Day brunch, like oysters, mussels, crabs, and fish. The real taste of the ocean is just around the corner, so let’s dive into our list and find you something you will like.  

Stiltsville Fish Bar  

You will find the best seafood in Miami if you visit Stiltsville Fish Bar. This restaurant celebrates fresh ingredients and southern hospitality. Both brunch and lunch menus are excellently planned and executed so that every ocean-catch lover can enjoy their time dining in this establishment. Your Father’s Day lunch can be complete with The Stiltsville Tackle Box, which features royal red shrimp cocktai,l raw oysters, local tuna ceviche and lobster salad with avocado. Or you could order The Treasure Chest, which includes Stiltsville osetra caviar with cremé fraiche and toast points, elyx vodka raw oysters shooters, king crab legs & hot butter. Both of these are perfect for sharing, and whichever you choose, you’ll be amazed by the presentation and the overall taste. Suppose you are looking for a good Miami seafood restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and top-quality fresh ingredients. In that case, you must visit Stiltsville Fish Bar in the heart of the Sunset Harbor neighborhood.  

Joe’s Stone Crab 

A genuinely iconic place and an attraction of the South Beach area is Joe’s Stone Crab. They have some of the best stone crabs, and you should visit them during the season, which lasts from October through May. Interestingly, they don’t have reservations available, which makes it a hassle to get a table. However, people don’t mind the long wait, as everything they serve is delicious. Keeping in mind that Father’s Day is in June, if you manage to get a table, you’ll still be able to eat phenomenal dishes, even though there won’t be any stone crabs. 

Captain’s Tavern Restaurant 

The Captain’s Tavern is another recognizable place to visit for Father’s Day brunch. Many people love this place and its atmosphere due to the old school décor. The menu features many old-school and classic dishes beyond taste, such as Thai-style lobster nuggets with sweet chili sauce. You can choose from crabmeat, scallops, shrimp, and a variety of fresh fish. Everything that’s served here is made in-house, which is fantastic.  


Are you in the mood for delicious Connecticut-style lobster rolls? If you are, Mignonette can satisfy your cravings. They also have some of the widest range of oysters in Miami seafood restaurants, as they get eight varieties every day, both from the West and East Coast. And what’s the best about this place is they sample each shipment of the oysters to ensure the quality is top-notch before they serve it to their guests. The atmosphere is pleasant and laid back, and you should visit this spot if you want a relaxed dinner with your dad.  

Area 31  

The restaurant is located in Downtown Miami, and if you visit it, you’ll experience the incredible view from the 16th floor of the EPIC Hotel. You’ll be able to enjoy Miami’s skyline while eating appetizing, sustainably sourced fish, and it will be breathtaking. Try their ceviche; it’s the crowd favorite.  

The River Seafood Oyster Bar 

This is another oyster bar that deserves to be on our list. The oysters are fresh and affordable during happy hour every day from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. It is a site that serves classical dishes, but they are never dull. Try the shellfish platter filled with lobster, shrimp, and every other deliciousness straight out of the ocean, if you want to see the full potential of this place.  

Novikov Miami 

If you are interested in something different and you want to experience something unusual when it comes to seafood in Miami, go to Novikov’s. It’s a Chinese-Japanese restaurant that features excellent robata skewers and dim sum and the freshest sashimi and maki rolls. And besides the food, you’ll be able to indulge in the marvelous view. You should know that this is not a laid-back joint, it’s a very posh place, but it’s worth your visit if you are looking for something like that for your Father’s Day dinner.  

The Spillover 

A relaxed place like The Spillover can be a perfect spot to spend your Father’s Day brunch and enjoy your time. They have a raw bar with a delicious selection of fresh fish, but if you are not a big fan of eating anything uncooked, their fried fish are outstanding. And what’s best about it is that they are pet friendly: they also have a dog menu. How cool is that? But that’s not all; your furry best friend can eat for free during happy hour. So, if you or your dad have a dog, now you know where you need to go.  

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish 

Another iconic location is the Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish, a family-owned spot that opened its doors in 1966. And this is not a typical restaurant because besides serving tasty meals, they also have a fish market, and they supply fresh catch to many other local establishments. If you want to eat the freshest possible catch, this is it. The menu is simple but enough to make this place one of the best in the area.  

We hope that we provided you with quite enough recommendations and that now you can easily decide where to take your dad to celebrate his day. It would be great if you could visit every location from the list, but that’s not possible, at least not during one day. But you should keep this list and go back to it the next time you crave seafood or have a celebration coming your way. And for now, we suggest you start from the top of the list and move to the end. You’ll enjoy every one of these carefully selected spots, and you’ll have the time of your life. After you finish your dinner, you’ll be grateful to us.

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