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One of the most popular dishes from Peru is ceviche, and people around the world love it. It’s a simple yet perfectly balanced seafood dish you can eat on any occasion. Ceviche is refreshing and excellent on a hot summer day, but it also gets along with any season, and you can enjoy it whenever. 

If you have never tried it but love sushi, you will also love this dish. And if you want to read more about it and learn how to make it, you are at the right place. We will even let you on a secret where you can eat the best ceviche dish if you stick until the end. 

What Is Ceviche?

The first question we need answers to is the question, “what is ceviche”? And essentially, it’s a seafood dish made of raw fish diced in small cubes and then marinated in a mixture of citrus juice. It’s a perfect combination as the citrus juice acid helps cure the fish. 

But that’s not everything that goes into a ceviche dish. Once the fish is cured, many seasonings like cilantro, onions, and peppers are added to enhance the flavors. 

Where Is Ceviche From?

Do you already know the answer to the question of where ceviche is from? As we mentioned, it is from Peru. However, the origin story of this dish is super interesting, so we will share it with you. 

The method for preparing ceviche has been used in the coastal parts of South America for ages, and not just because of the flavor. It was used because it was an incredible way to preserve food. 

A similar method to the one used today was when the Incas preserved fish using various fruit juices, salt, and chili peppers. The first recipes didn’t have any citrus juices, as there were no lemons or lime in that part of the world. Once the Spaniards came to South America and brought limes, citrus juice became a big thing in the recipe. 

The exact birthplace of today’s ceviche dish isn’t known, and some even speculate that it originates in the South Pacific. Today you can find a version of this dish across Latin America, but the best ones you’ll find in Peru. This country even acknowledged ceviche as its national dish. 

And, of course, the ceviche dish found its way up to North America in the 1980s, where it also became a loved staple food.

What Is Ceviche Exactly Made Of?

We mentioned it is typically made of raw fish, citrus juice, and some seasonings like onions and cilantro. We will go a bit in-depth about the ingredients and the best fish you can use. And later on, we will teach you what ceviche is served with and how to make the perfect one at home. 

The Fish

The star of this dish is the fish. And as we are talking about raw fish, it’s evident that it has to be superior. To ensure the ultimate experience, the fish needs to be extra fresh. And to find such high-quality fish, you should go to a trusted fishmonger and buy sushi-quality fish. If you don’t know or have no fishmongers near you, there’s always an option to try a fish counter at your local market. While shopping, you should tell them what you plan to make; then, you can get the best ingredients. 

The type of fish is essential, and you’ll want it to be some white fish like snapper, halibut, mahi-mahi, bass, or tuna used for sashimi. Always choose the one that doesn’t smell fishy or funny and the one that’s extra firm. 

Extra Ingredients

And for the extra ingredients, you’ll want something that will enhance the main ingredient’s flavor. The most typical add-ons are peppers and cilantro, but there are other exciting vegetables you can add. In Peru, they have a variety of ceviche dish types, some of which are made with corn which is an incredible combination. If you can’t stand cilantro because it tastes like soap, there are always other herbs you can choose from. There’s always fresh parsley or various types of basil. 

Ceviche is also popular in the Caribbean, and they make it with tropical fruit like mango and papaya. And when you think about it, this is a perfect summer dish, and what’s better than a watermelon in a summer dish? So next time, if you have a chance to try or make ceviche with watermelon, don’t skip on it. 

How to Make the Best Ceviche

We recommend you first try our ceviche somewhere else before trying to make it at home. This is because you want to know exactly how it’s supposed to taste, so you can understand what you should duplicate at home. 

And once you know what kind of flavors you want to achieve, you can play with the ingredients and add anything you think will go well with the main star of the dish. 

The essential part is to cut the fish into the same size cubes and marinate them in citrus juices of your choice. You can use lemon or lime or a combination of both. Once you mix the fish and the juice, you need to let it all marinate in the fridge for a bit. Be careful when handling delicate food like raw fish, and ensure that everything is packed in air-sealed containers. The maximum time everything should be in the fridge is around 20 minutes. While everything is marinating, you can chop up all your other ingredients and, in the end, combine them all. 

You can serve the dish at room temperature, but we think it’s always better if it is chilled a bit before serving.

What Is Ceviche Served With?

You can always eat it alone, but it’s always more fun if you serve it alongside something interesting. So what is ceviche served with?

It can be served with a simple side of white or brown rice or something more protein-rich like quinoa or beans. As it is now a typical dish in the tropical parts of the world, you can pair it with fried plantains or tostones. It goes great with corn on the cob or toasted corn kernels. And it goes even better with tortilla or potato chips. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you and what you prefer, but now you know what ceviche is served with typically. 

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Don’t hesitate to call us and book your reservation for a table so you can enjoy the best seafood dishes in Miami. Once you try them, you’ll want to come back immediately, and you’ll also have a pretty good picture of what to expect if you want to make something like this at home.

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