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Why is it important to have good restaurant music?

Believe it or not, but good restaurant music can actually increase restaurant sales. Think about it. Music has the capability to bring out a host of different emotions, both positive and negative. If you are relaxing while enjoying a great dinner, a musically engaging environment may encourage you to order that tempting dessert or to sit back to relax while you sip another cold one.

On the other hand, if the music your hearing possibly overpowers your stimulating dinner conversation or is inappropriate for some of your younger guests, it may cause you to pick up your things and head home. The proper soundtrack can have a lot to do with the customer profile. Ask yourself who will be dining at your restaurant.

All Five Senses

Restaurants do not only need to engage their customer’s sense of taste, but they must appeal to all of the five senses. The restaurant should look clean and orderly. The aromas should smell delicious and enticing. The napkins should feel soft and clean. Who wants to eat food made in a dirty atmosphere or order from a foul-smelling kitchen?

But, just as importantly looked over, restaurants should consider what their customer is hearing. This is because all of our senses are linked. One affects the other, so to create an entirely pleasing customer experience, what is heard must be considered.  

A lot of research has gone into what songs to play and why restaurant music is vital. It turns out music played at restaurants can actually affect a diner’s flavor perception. The five senses are truly cohesive. 

For example, while eating bittersweet toffee, it was reported by a study that listening to a lower-pitched soundscape enhanced the bitter flavors. At the same time, a higher-pitched soundscape brought out the sweeter notes of flavor. 

The study even discovered that restaurant music affected how quickly or slowly customers ordered or ate food. The frequency of ordering food or prolonged meals was also a factor. The quality and quantity of foods customers ordered ultimately affected how much was spent overall.

Excellent Background Music

This overview will help you find good restaurant music and which songs to play to enhance your customer’s dining experience. We will teach you everything from how to use restaurant music as a mechanism to boost sales to sound absorption. Classy dinner music can be streamed, live, and projected through your restaurant with a Soundsystem. 

How to Utilize Music to Boost Sales

The pairing of music and food has been around for as long as we know. Whether you think of a romantic string quartet, a live bar pianist, a trendy playlist, or a loud sports game in a bar- noise and music have always mixed well with food. However, unlike your restaurant’s decor and theme, the music selections should not always stay the same. 

1. Tempo and Speed. The faster the music, the faster people eat. You do not want to rush your customer. However, if you want to encourage more foot traffic into your restaurant, you should consider the tempo. Foot traffic creates a high turnover and could increase sales.

However, slower tempo music could slow your customers down, encouraging them to linger. This could also increase sales because a prolonged stay could mean an extra glass of wine or a specialty dessert to be ordered. Music speed affects your guest’s behavior, and while there is no right or wrong answer, you should determine how you want your customers to act. 

2. Mix up the Volume. Loud music can draw people away by interrupting conversation or making the environment unpleasant. However, quiet music can also deter customers. Quiet music can make it seem like the restaurant is near closing or not exciting. The aspects of the volume are not as cut and dry as the straightforwardness in music speed. 

Age can be a factor in determining what volume of music your customer prefers. Younger crowds are typically more attracted to louder music in restaurants. Older crowds tend to prefer when music lingers in the background as ambiance. Volume should not stay the same throughout the day. You will want to adjust your volume based on customer capacity and the time of the day.

3. Music choice should match your brand. A casual atmosphere should play laid-back tunes. At the same time, a swanky joint would be successful in playing classy dinner music. Which songs to play should depend on what kind of brand your restaurant has.

4. The time of day matters. A lunch crowd may be more suitable for faster-paced music, while slow-paced music may better suit a dinner crowd. You should switch up the soundtrack based on if your restaurant is filled up with a morning or evening crowd.

5. Full capacity absorbs music differently. Bump up the tunes a few notches during the dinner or lunch rush because 0.3 decibels of sound are naturally absorbed by each body inside a room. When your venue is not as busy, tone the music down a bit so it is not overpowering.

The Best Music for Restaurant Soundtracks 

Preparation is the key to classy dinner music and the best music for restaurant high vibes. You will want to build at least three solid playlists to rotate between depending on your restaurant’s mood. Having some prepared playlists will limit the responsibilities of maintaining the bustling crowds.

Populate each playlist with a few hundred songs. Remember to shuffle your playlists to prevent song or band repetition. You will also want to update your playlists now and then to spice things up.

Have No Fear. Streaming Is Here!

The best music for restaurant playlists can be hard to curate. Streaming services can make variety easy to achieve. Long gone are the days of listening to a single artist’s entire album, low capacity burn CDS, and 99 cent songs. Streaming is affordable and easy to navigate.

Let’s say 90s night is an upcoming event at your restaurant. Save yourself the trouble of sifting hours through tunes by searching for a pre-made playlist instead. Streaming services have helpful tools that allow you to search for and listen to other streamer’s playlists or artist radios. This can help you to achieve a mood or genre much more fluidly. 

Excellent Music at our Seafood Restaurant 

Rock out at Sunset Harbor’s best seafood restaurant, Stiltsville Fish Bar. We make sure to appeal to all our customer’s five senses, including hearing. Enter into a cozy, nautical space decorated with eye-catching displays of the daily fresh catch. Feel the fresh evening breeze and hear pleasant music that accompanies the flavorful aromas of our menu. 

Call us today and book your table. After all, providing our customers with an exceptional dining experience is our top priority. 

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