How To Pair Wine With Lobster

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Wine and lobster are a match made in heaven, but do you know what wine goes with lobster? Because if you pair the wine and the food perfectly, you’ll have a wonderful dining experience. When pairing any food with wine, you need to know a few basics that will help you make a perfect match.

We’re going to talk more about it, so you can learn how to pair wine with lobster and how to do it without a sweat. After reading our guide, you’ll know what wine goes with lobster and how to do it like a pro.

Lobster Wine Pairing 101: The Basics  

When pairing wine with lobster, you can apply the same general rule of wine pairing. And the rule says that you should pair white meat with white wine and red meat with red wine. Of course, there are a few exceptions to that rule.   

Also, a vital detail to remember is that decadent and rich dishes go perfectly with bold wines while delicate and light dishes go with white wines.  

So, what wine goes with lobster then? If you are thinking white wines, you are right. Wine pairing with lobster is not a big deal, and it should be pretty straightforward. We’ll now talk a bit more about it.  

White Wine With Lobster  

White wine with lobster goes perfectly, and it complements the flavors of the lobster. It’s because this meat is light and white, and it needs something similar to make it even more delicious.

The key to good lobster wine pairing is to think about the acidity of the wine. A white wine with lobster should have good acidity to amplify the lobster flavor. If you have a chance to choose the wine or affect the lobster wine pairing, choose a light and crisp one.  

The choice of the white wine is also influenced by the dish in general, not just the type of meat. And when we are talking about white wine with lobster, you need to consider the way the lobster was prepared, the sides that go with it, and whether a dish is on the lighter or heavier side. So, if you are eating just a simple lobster straight from the shell, you’re not going to drink the same wine you would drink if you were eating heavily buttered lobster rolls.   

Our choice of white wines for wine pairing with lobster are:  

  • Sauvignon Blanc – A white wine that’s crisp and dry like Sauvignon Blanc will always be a good choice, and you’ll never go wrong with it.   
  • Riesling – We’ve mentioned that acidity is the key component to a good lobster wine pairing, and Riesling has a good level. And the best part of this grape variety is that the wines are different, and they can be sweet, mild, dry, and even very dry. A dry white Riesling wine will pair perfectly with lobster no matter the sides in your dish.   
  • Chardonnay – Both of the grapes we mentioned are pretty versatile, but not as much as Chardonnay. It can be light, or it can be bold and full-bodied. So, no matter the type of lobster dish, you’ll not regret it if you order this wine.   
  • Pinot Grigio – A citrusy aroma perfectly complements any seafood, especially lobster. And Pinot Grigio has a beautiful citrusy aroma that you’ll love.   

And how to pair these wines with lobster dishes? Sauvignon Blanc and Pinon Grigio are great for dishes with lighter sauces or if you plan to eat lobster straight out of the shell. If you are more of a fan of the buttered lobster and heavy, decadent sauces, you’ll want to pair those dishes with a Chardonnay.  

A Riesling is well paired with anything, and champagne is always a good choice no matter what you order.   

Red Wine With Lobster 

You may wonder if it is okay to pair red wine with lobster, and the answers vary. Usually, you wouldn’t pair seafood with red wine, but some exceptions exist. Don’t worry; these exceptions are delicious.  

Not every red wine has a deep flavor. Some outstanding red wines are light and soft, perfect to pair with some seafood dishes. Spaghetti with lobster is a beautiful dish you can match with a light red wine. And if you want to pair red wine with lobster, try Gamay or Pinot Noir.  

Rose is also a good idea if you are a fan of this type of wine. But the award for the best wine with lobster pair goes to the white one.  

The Wines You Shouldn’t Pair With Lobster 

We know what wine goes with lobster, but is there a wine with lobster combination that’s not a good idea? Even though lobster is pretty versatile and can be paired with many wines, there are some that you should avoid. And here we’re not talking about red wines, surprisingly. You shouldn’t drink these alongside a lobster dish, even if you don’t have any other option.  

Some wines shouldn’t be used for wine pairing with lobster, even if they fall into the category of white wines. That is because their flavors and aromas don’t go along with lobster and could potentially ruin the whole dish. And nobody wants to ruin a perfect and delicious dish. 

Fruity and citrusy wines go well with seafood; however, it can be too much if a wine is too citrusy and lemony. Often lemons and lemon juice are used when preparing seafood meals, lobster included, and the aromas from the food and the wine can be overwhelming.

Sometimes white wines can also be too rich, and they can overpower the flavors of the lobster and ruin the whole experience. If a white wine is aged in an oak barrel and has a distinctive oak flavor, it should be avoided.  

We’ve mentioned that champagne is always a good idea, but you need to be careful which one you choose. It would be best not to match lobster with champagne that’s too dry. You shouldn’t match brut nature and zero dosage champagnes with it.

Luckily when you dine in a restaurant, you have an opportunity to experience a perfect match of wine and seafood. You don’t have to overthink, and you’ll always get a recommendation from a professional of which wine will be the best choice for your chosen meal. Our advice is to always go to a reputable restaurant with an excellent wine selection, so you don’t have to think about whether you are making the right choice or not.

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