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Whether you are an oyster lover or not, you may have wondered if oysters are an aphrodisiac. There is much fact vs. fiction debate regarding the accuracy of an aphrodisiac’s purpose. An aphrodisiac is a type of food that supposedly increases your feelings of sexual desire. A variety of foods are considered an aphrodisiac based on their chemical makeup. We can beat the fact vs. fiction on this topic because raw oysters are an aphrodisiac.

Why Are Oysters an aphrodisiac?

The tale behind oysters as an aphrodisiac can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. Casanova was an infamous Italian adventurer known for seducing women. He claimed his womanizing behavior to be the result of his frequent consumption of raw oysters. His claims obviously stuck, and while at the time there was not much scientific evidence supporting his claims, there is now.

Fact Vs. Fiction

Raw oysters are high in a variety of vitamins, including high zinc levels. Research has uncovered a link between low zinc levels in men to erectile dysfunction disorder. If you are still not convinced yet, raw oysters are linked to increasing testosterone and progesterone levels in both men and women. Testosterone and progesterone are the hormones responsible for our sex drive. Are you still wondering, “Why are oysters an aphrodisiac?”

However, the most promising piece of evidence lies within our complex brain, precisely the way we think and feel sexual desire. The nutrition of oysters is full of vitamins and minerals. They are overall a healthy meal to eat, and they make us feel good. When a person feels energized and not bloated, they may be more likely to want to get busy, whatever that activity may be. 

Also, have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Don’t underestimate this powerful effect. If we believe or keep hearing the fact that oysters are an aphrodisiac, our brain may pick up a few signals. This means, when we see or eat oysters, our subconscious thinks that these foods should make us feel aroused. The thought itself may even cause some increased blood flow. Aphrodisiac or not, oysters are a delicious and nutritious meal packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

How to Cook Oysters

If oysters make you feel more romantic, why not learn how to cook oysters for yourself and impress your loved ones. For an even more romantic experience, you can also plan your next date at Stiltsville Fish Bar. Here, you can experience raw oysters and seafood for dinner in the heart of Miami. Keep reading to learn more about how to cook oysters at home. 

Three Ways to Cook Oyster

There are a few different directions you can take with this romantic entree. We will cover our top two favorite ways to enjoy raw oysters while giving you all the intel on how to cook oysters.

Raw Oysters On The Half Shell 

Eating your oysters raw is the simplest and arguably lightest way to enjoy oysters. After all, it’s the way Casanova enjoyed the delicacy. Raw oysters on the half shell are the most famous way to enjoy the seafood and probably what comes to mind when you think of them. You can pair your dish with a fresh squeeze of lemon and a Cucumber Mignonette dressing. 


  • Two dozen oysters
  • Rock Salt (You can also choose crushed ice; however, we think that rock salt adds a bit more flavor to the oyster)

Cucumber Mignonette Dressing Ingredients

  • Eight Ounces of rice wine vinegar
  • One large shallot, minced
  • One small piece of ginger minced (Be sure to peel to ginger, you do not want to include the skin in this delicate recipe)
  • Half of a large cucumber, diced and peeled
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • ¼ cup of finely chopped cilantro
  1. Begin your cooking process by thoroughly cleaning your oysters. Use a stiff brush or clean sponge. Scrub the oysters under cool water to remove any dirt or debris. Next, you have to shuck your oysters
  2. Once your oysters are cleaned and opened up, you can get started on the cucumber mignonette dressing. Combine the rice wine vinegar, ginger, shallot, cilantro, black pepper, and cucumber in a medium-sized bowl. Whisk the dressing. Cover and store the sauce in the fridge for at least 60 minutes.
  3. We even recommend planning in advance. You can store the cucumber mignonette dressing in the fridge for a day to prepare for your oyster meal. 

Roasted Oysters

Are you in the mood for a creamy and buttery meal that’ll make you feel some type of way? You may want to consider trying roasted oysters. With the help of an oven and a few key ingredients, you can make this recipe in no time. 


  • Two dozen oysters
  • Eight Tablespoons of Butter
  • ¼ cup of chopped parsley
  • One and a half tablespoons of lemon zest
  • Two tablespoons of chopped shallots
  • Sea Salt and Black Pepper
  • A buttery baguette
  1. The first step of this recipe is to make the lemon garlic butter. In either a blender or food processor, combine the butter, lemon zest, shallots, parsley, and roasted garlic with a dash of sea salt and black pepper until creamy. You may even want to sample this mixture to get your mouth watering. 
  2. Heat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. While you wait for your oven to heat up, you should start preparing your oysters. Follow the same cleaning steps as above. It is important to scrub and wash your oysters with cool water, so they are clean. Next, use an oyster knife for popping the suckers open. Once halved, line your oysters one shell apart on a baking sheet.
  3. Now for the fun part. You want to put a dollop of lemon garlic butter on each oyster. Use a tablespoon to measure out the butter. Each oyster should receive about one tablespoon of lemon garlic butter for optimal creaminess.  
  4. Once your oven is preheated, roast the oysters for eight to ten minutes. The cooking time is fairly short because oysters are very delicate. Your cooking time should cease once the butter has completely melted and saturated the shell. 

The moment the oven timer dings, you’ve successfully cooked roasted oysters. The dish should be served immediately. The only other suggestion is that you serve your dish with someone you love for a more intimate experience. We recommend pairing your roasted oyster dish with some bubbles. The crispness of champagne pairs especially well with the rich roasted oyster flavor

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