Spicing Up Valentine’s Day With Seafood This Valentine’s Day In Miami

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Is there a better place to eat fresh seafood than Miami? We don’t think so. Seafood in Miami is supreme, and people from around the world come here to try it. This city offers glamorous seafood eateries that serve attractive platters of wide seafood varieties and many establishments that have dominated the world of coastal cuisine for many years. 

And if you’ve never been to Miami and have never tried what this city offers, we have an idea for you. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it can be a perfect occasion to visit this coastal city and roam its many spots and the best seafood restaurants in Miami. 

The only potential downside is that there are too many Miami seafood restaurants, so you would need months to visit them all and learn which are the good ones. But don’t worry; we will help you with our list of the best fish restaurants in Miami you need to visit.

Novikov Miami

Many will tell you that Novikov is one of the most popular Miami seafood restaurants. The place is the definition of an exclusive place; if you visit it, you will know why. But, more importantly, we are here to recommend the seafood in Miami and the exceptional Chinese and Japanese-inspired dishes there.

Stiltsville Fish Bar

The award for the coziest and most pleasant seafood restaurant in Miami goes to Stiltsville Fish Bar. The atmosphere here is friendly and warm, and you will feel like you’ve known everyone your whole life. The food served in this Sunset’s Harbour restaurant is why people love to come back here. And it’s the ideal place to visit for this year’s Valentine’s Day in Miami.

The dishes are prepared by Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, two of the top chefs in the industry and proud owners of one of the best seafood restaurants in Miami. Whatever you choose from the menu will make your mouth water and your stomach and heart full. We recommend the Tuna Ceviche, Caviar Deviled Eggs, Conch Fritters, Crispy Baked Tabasco Oysters, and Tuna Poké.

The Bayshore Club

The Bayshore Club is one of Miami’s newest locations on the list of seafood restaurants. And despite that, they’ve become one of the best fish restaurants in Miami you can go to when you feel the urge for fresh and tasty fish. It’s situated in one of the most beautiful places in the city, on the historical island of Dinner Key, in Coconut Grove. 

If you visit this Miami seafood restaurant, you are in for a treat. They provide delicacies created with loving care and innovativeness. And this Valentine’s Day in Miami, they have a special offer. They’ve made a unique Valentine’s Day $85 prix fixe menu featuring specially curated dishes. The prix fixe menu offers three courses, with beautifully executed dishes like Hamachi Tiradito and Chilean Sea Bass. And your evening will be crowned with delicious desserts like Chocolate Cuatro Leches and Strawberry Mousse Eclair Tart because what’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate and strawberries?


In a lovely, relaxed environment, downtown’s Miami seafood restaurant serves a variety of oysters, great fish, and creamy lobster rolls, chowder, and clams. It’s another restaurant with a charming and informal atmosphere, but don’t let you get fooled by it. You will still be able to enjoy sumptuous dishes like Osetra, Siberian, or Kaluga caviar. 

If you want to try some of the best quality seafood in Miami, we recommend their Oyster Flight, Fancy Mignonette Tower, and South African Lobster Tails.

Joe’s Stone Crab 

You’ve probably heard about this South Beach place founded in 1913, even if you are not from Miami or have never visited. The famous Joe’s Stone Crab is a favorite for many people worldwide. You can assume the specialty dish from the name of this establishment. Stone crabs are a delicacy, but the tricky part is they are not always in season. 

But you are lucky, as February is the perfect month to eat them, as their season is from October to May. So, if you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day in Miami, you can try the world-famous stone crabs from Joe’s place. But be aware they don’t take reservations, and there’s always a crowd waiting to be seated. 

The River Seafood Oyster Bar

Do you need a place with excellent but affordable seafood options? Then you need an oyster bar with a happy hour offering oysters for half price. The River Seafood Oyster Bar is what you are looking for, as they have a happy hour for oysters every day from 4:30 to 7 pm. 

But that’s not all they have to offer; there’s plenty more delicious food. They have fantastic crab cakes and various poke bowls, and their lobster buns in butter brioche buns are to die for, trust us.

Captain’s Tavern Restaurant 

This old-school place that’s been running and feeding the people of Miami since 1971 is a must-visit if you are in town and you crave some fresh and delicious fish. 

The atmosphere is friendly, the service is outstanding, and the best thing is they have everything you can imagine on their dinner and a separate sushi menu. 

Captain’s Tavern Restaurant can offer you Tuna Poke, Cracked Conch, Russian or Northern Oysters, Cajun Scallops, Miso Glazed, Faroe Island Scallops, and many more fresh and tasty dishes. Visit this place if you have time, as it is one of the most iconic Miami seafood restaurants. 

Area 31

If you want to spend your Valentine’s Day in Miami and have a dinner with a view Area 31 provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the Biscayne Bay and Miami River from the 16th floor of EPIC Hotel. There are many fish restaurants in Miami, but only a few with a view like this.

Chef Sezer, passionate about sustainability, integrates his vast culinary experience with foods from nearby farms to produce a casual yet exquisite meal experience. 

Area 31 offers different menus, including breakfast, dinner, brunch, and Social Hour Tapas. So, whenever you think the time is right, the incredible view will be waiting for you. 

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish

Another oldie but goldie is Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish, located on the Miami river. If you go and google this place, you will stumble upon a website that feels like it’s from Back to the future movie. But once you try their food, you’ll see they don’t need a better webpage. They are an old-school place that’s been operating since 1966, opened by the Garcia brothers. It’s a family restaurant with a fish market with the best seafood in Miami if you want to buy some fresh fish and take it home to prepare later. 

You can experience the true Florida essence in this place, and it’s one of the best seafood restaurants in Miami to go to if you are not in the mood for fancy restaurants and only looking for fresh and delicious seafood. Of course, their menu is simple, and it’s always best to try the day’s catch.

We’ve given you enough fabulous ideas about where to eat the next time you visit the Magic City of Miami. Now it’s up to you to plan your trip down to South Florida and try all the fresh fish you can eat. And even if you are a local, we believe we introduced you to some new places, and we would like to invite you to visit us at Stiltsville Fish restaurant. We would be delighted to host you and prepare some of the best seafood dishes you have ever tried. So, don’t hesitate and call us to book your reservation.

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