The Best Seafood Places For Dinner This Halloween In Miami

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Summer is over, and even though we are sad about that, we are happy that one of the most thrilling seasons has started. The spooky season is finally here, Halloween is just around the corner, and we are so excited about it.

Halloween in Miami is always an exciting event; if you are in town around that time, you shouldn’t miss out on the fun. And if you don’t know where or what to visit, we can give you a few ideas. We’ll talk a bit more about Halloween in Miami and give you a hint of where to honor the spooky season properly. And considering that we are in a city where you can get the world’s finest seafood, we will also recommend the best fish restaurants in Miami.

Because after all those creepy and eerie things and events, you will be hungry, and what’s a better place to get some food than a Miami seafood restaurant?

Halloween in Miami

There’s something for everyone when it comes to Halloween in Miami. It doesn’t matter if you like the cute things like going to a pumpkin patch and picking the most beautiful pumpkin or if you like going to haunted houses. There are places where you can channel your creativity and carve some pumpkins or go to ghost tours and visit graveyards if that’s your thing.

And considering everything that has happened in the last few years, we believe that this year 2022, Halloween in Miami will be better and more exciting than all the previous.

Once you are done decorating your house and picking out your costume for this year, you will want to check some of these events.

Halloween Carnival

This year Tropical Park is transformed into the best-haunted place in the city. The Haunted Circus is an event that will be happening throughout October, and if you love these kinds of things, you will enjoy them. The show is excellent, but you can do so many other things at the carnival. There’s a petting zoo, a designated place for pumpkin carving, and you can even look into your future with a tarot reading. There are many more things, but you’ll have to see them yourself.

House of Horror Haunted Carnival

If you are in the mood for touring a haunted house, this is the place to visit. And if you are easily scared, think twice before visiting. Here you’ll be able to see three houses, the “Mall Mayhem,” “Toxic Apocalypse,” and “1455 Asylum,” and if you want to, you can be a part of the “Scare-X” experience. We must emphasize that this is not for the light-hearted.

The Horrorland Drive-Thru

For those still not quite used to being around people again, this drive-thru experience is the best thing ever. It allows you to enjoy or be horrified by visiting haunted houses from your car. You will go through six haunted houses and be able to drive off at any point when it gets too scary. It’s a perfect thing to experience with your family or close friends.

Deering Estate Ghost Tour

If you are from here, you know about the Deering Estate and the stories that surround this place. The paranormal activities here are normal throughout the year, but this Halloween in Miami, you’ll have a real treat, as the estate is open during the night for a special ghost tour. This is only for the brave ones, believe us.

Miami City Cemetery Walking Tour

Walking around cemeteries on an average day is not typical, and it’s even scarier to do it on Halloween. Still, if you are feeling heroic, you have a chance to visit Miami City Cemetery on October 29th and maybe experience something paranormal or meet some of the residents of this property during the walking tour.

Berry Farms’ Halloween Harvest Night

During the last weekend of October, you have a chance to take a walk in the corn maze and eat all the candy you can while listening to some good music at Berry Farm. It will be fun and spooky; don’t forget to come in a costume.

Best Fish Restaurants in Miami

As we mentioned, there’s no better city in the world to try fish than here, as some of the best seafood restaurants are in Miami. So, when you are done with all the spooky walking tours and haunted houses, it’s only proper to relax in one of Miami’s seafood restaurants.

We will share some of our favorite ones with you, and we believe you’ll also love them. They serve excellent food, and you’ll be in for a treat.

Joe’s Stone Crab

One of the best-known Miami seafood restaurants is Joe’s Stone Crab. It’s well known for its stone crabs, just as the name suggests, but it also features many other dishes that will blow your mind. Now is the perfect time to visit it, as the stone crab season is about to start.

Stiltsville Fish Bar

Located in the Sunset Harbour, Stiltsville Fish Bar is one of the loveliest seafood restaurants in Miami. Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth are one of the best chefs in the business, and their food is out of this world. The atmosphere of the place will leave you speechless, and it’s the perfect spot to come to after any Halloween event.

You’ll be able to enjoy some of the best shrimp and grits you’ve ever tasted and local seared rare tuna. We must recommend you try the miso-crusted sea scallops and their grilled octopus; believe us, you’ll fall in love.

La Mar

If you don’t have time to travel and have always wanted to visit Peru, you can go to La Mar and enjoy their specialties. Try their ceviche, a dish typical of Peru’s cuisine. The place is outstanding, and its balcony is the perfect spot to have an early-night dinner with a spectacular view.

The Bayshore Club

One of the newest spots on the Miami seafood restaurants map is the Bayshore Club. It’s located in Coconut Grove on the historical site Dinner Key and is one of the most beautiful places there. 

It’s new, but it’s already one of the best fish restaurants in Miami. They offer fresh seafood dishes that are made with love and care. They have an all-day menu, and we recommend you try their chilled oysters or crab and shrimp cocktail cooler if you are coming with your friends. 

La Camaronera

Regarding the best fish restaurants in Miami, we need to mention La Camaronera. They have a vast offer of various seafood dishes, from stone crabs to fresh lobster, and the best thing is that everything is locally sourced. For a special treat, try their Cuban roll with fried snapper. 

Novikov Miami

When it comes to seafood restaurants in Miami, we need to mention one featuring Asian-styled dishes. And Novikov Miami is just that, a Chinese-Japanese restaurant that’s known all around the world. You want to come here if you are craving good sushi and sashimi. And don’t forget to try their dim sum also. 

Area 31

We will end our list of the best Miami seafood restaurants with Area 31. They are known for their sustainable seafood movement and the beautiful view from the 16th floor. Try their ceviche and crudo because they are outstanding.

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