Tips For Buying And Storing Fresh Fish

 In Storing Fresh Fish

If you enjoy eating fish, there’s a chance that you love preparing fish dishes at home or that you always wanted to make amazing seafood meals. And for a great fish dish, you need fresh fish.  

You can use frozen fish that you can find in supermarkets; however, fresh fish will always taste a bit better. But how to buy a fish and how to store fresh fish are questions that often torment people who want to prepare a tasty fish dish at home.   

Before going out shopping for fish, you need to know that fish is fragile, and you have to be very careful when buying it. Buying bad fish and fish that’s not fresh can result in a bad dish and food poisoning.   

Due to that, it’s critical to know that as soon as the fish is caught, it starts to deteriorate, so you have to select fresh fish and use it as soon as possible.   

We’ll share with you a helpful guide on how to pick fish, what’s the best fish to buy, and how to store fresh fish once you buy it.   

Before Going Fish Shopping  

There are a few things you can do to make your shopping experience easier, even before you go shopping.   

The first thing is to research fresh fish markets near you. If you have markets that sell fresh fish, you are lucky, and you should go there to pick fish. If you don’t have a fish market near you, you have to go to the supermarket to search for the ones with the best-reviewed fresh fish section.

It would be best to have a cooler full of ice to place your fish in it when you buy it. It is a great trick and a handy one. And it’s vital if you live far from the place where you are shopping, and you plan to drive home for quite a while.  

Research fish dish recipes before you go shopping. Due to the delicacy of the fish, you don’t want to buy it and leave it in your fridge for days until you figure out what you’ll do with it. Before going out shopping, be sure to find a recipe for a specific type of fish that you like, and it will make it easier to select fresh fish and use it immediately.   

How to Select Fresh Fish 

Remember that the best fish to buy is fresh fish, and with that in mind, here are some other shopping tips.  

  • Ask for recommendations. It sounds too easy, but it is the best way to pick fish. Ask the fishmonger which fish he recommends when the fish was caught and was previously frozen.  
  • Look for clean ice without staining and grey areas if the fish is on ice. 
  • If you have a chance, always sniff the fish. It shouldn’t smell funky or have a strong and unpleasant fishy smell. 
  • Avoid fish with dull flesh and sunken and cloudy eyes.  
  • When shopping for fillets and steaks, always choose where the flesh is firm, without a whitish film.  
  • Avoid fish with darkened areas on the meat.  

How to Store Fresh Fish 

When you learn how to buy a fish, you need to know how to store fresh fish. And it’s relatively simple.  

  • Store the fish in your fridge for up to two days at 40 F.  
  • Freeze the fish, and store it in the freezer for up to eight months.  

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