Tips For Cooking Shrimp With Shell On

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Deshelled shrimp is just easier to make. There’s more fuss with it, but sure, whole shrimp is way tastier. That crunchy layer gives a unique flavor to the meat and protects it from overcooking. Many recipes require shell-on shrimp, and it would be a shame to miss out on them and the deliciousness of the final dishes. 

That’s why we are about to share some tips that will elevate your skills and teach you that cooking shrimp with the shell on is not that challenging. We’ll also talk about how long you can marinate shrimp and other useful tricks.  

Buying Whole Shrimp 

It’s always good to buy raw seafood if you have a chance. If you have a fish market nearby and know that the raw shrimp is fresh and wasn’t previously thawed, we advise you to buy it there. Raw shrimp is superior in taste to frozen, but it’s also harder to find. If you don’t know if it is fresh, a safe solution is to buy the shell-on shrimp that’s already frozen.

Choosing The Right Shrimp 

People decide on cooking shrimp with the shell on for a reason, and it is because they’re much more delicious, and many dishes are better with whole shrimp. For example, the grilled variant shouldn’t be made with deshelled shrimp. If you want to grill them, buy large or jumbo ones. If you want to sauté them, then choose a smaller variety. 

Defrosting Whole Shrimp 

If you bought frozen shrimp, you first need to defrost them before cooking them. And the best way is to do it slowly. Take them from the freezer and put them in the fridge to slowly thaw for almost 24 hours. You should never try to defrost them in warm water or leave them at room temperature.  

How Long You Can Marinate Shrimp 

The marinade is what makes or breaks the dish, and that’s why you want to make a good one. And if you are thinking about how long you can marinate shrimp, you should know that you don’t want to do it for too long as you do it with some meats. If you are marinating them in a marinade that’s acidic and has lemons or limes in it, which goes perfectly with seafood, only 30 minutes is enough. The shrimp meat is delicate, and you don’t want to make it mushy. And if you are making a marinade that doesn’t have anything acidic in it, you can marinate for around an hour. Like with any seafood, when you put the meat into the marinade, always put it in the fridge until it’s time to cook.  

Cooking Shrimp With The Shell On 

Before you start cooking your whole shrimp, you’ll want to devein them. And yes, you can do it even if you plan to leave the exterior intact. You can do it by cutting along the back of it with a sharp knife, finding the vein, and taking it out. Once you do it, rinse the shrimp a bit with some water, and you’re ready to cook.  

The only thing that’s left to do is to cook it, and that’s pretty straightforward. You’ll want to do it just as the recipe calls for, and the one thing you should be careful is not overcooking them. When they start turning pink and curl, they are done. And you can enjoy their delicious flavor.  

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