Visit Miami Swim Week And Try The Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

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With the summer season in full swing, what better way to spend your vacation and cool off than in the sizzling Miami? This coast city peaked in popularity in the early 2000s and has remained a staple. 

From amazing boat parties to a peaceful tropical botanical garden, this city has genuine activities for people of all ages and interests, and seafood in Miami is the best. But the pièce de résistance of the season are Miami Swim Week and the renowned Miami Seafood restaurants. 

Whether you are there to relax or work, we will guide you through the best seafood restaurants in Miami with their fresh and intricate menus. Alongside the beautiful swimsuit festival, this will help you always be ready for the beach. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the best seafood places in Miami!

What Is Miami Swim Week?

Miami Swim Week is one of the most exciting events during summer in Miami. If we want to simplify it, it’s a fashion event; however, it’s much more. There are a lot of different activities you can do during this week and visit many thrilling events. If you are visiting the city during July, this is the place you need to be. The Swim Week starts on July 13th and lasts until the 20th. So, let’s see what seafood places in Miami you can visit during that time. 

Stiltsville Fish Bar

This nautical-themed restaurant is located in the heart of the Sunset Harbour and offers a gorgeous view of the Maurice Gibb Memorial Park and is also owned by the culinary couple Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis. One thing to point out is that this restaurant is seasonal, open from every October to May.  

Stiltsville Fish Bar and its fresh fish display alongside its carefully curated menu are just one of the perks of visiting this restaurant. 

The other one is the closeness to Miami Swim Week, a must-visit in July. From fresh oysters to smoked fish and caviar, this impeccable restaurant will provide a fantastic break from the Swim Week extravaganza that lasts for one week, starting on July 13th. 

Bayshore Club

We had to include a new restaurant with its opening date just around the corner, Bayshore Club in Coconut Grove. Their delicious menu featuring fresh and local catches looks promising and inviting. We are intrigued by The Cocktail cooler and Bayshore Club Seafood Tower, which look perfect for a group of friends or family to share while sipping on some cocktails. 

This place has a lot of history to its name, and now we can all enjoy that feeling you have right before a flight and a new adventure while indulging in some delicious food. 

Mignonette Downtown

Starting strong, with a restaurant on top of many lists of the best seafood restaurants in Miami, Mignonette has proven that they hold the bar as a seafood restaurant with the freshest seafood and impeccable service. The interior design also plays a vital role in the comfort with the mix of coastal and industrial pieces and high ceiling windows which open up the place even more. Located near the Miami waterfront, it is always packed with happy customers who enjoy the hedonism this restaurant has to offer. 

Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant

This charming restaurant has been standing strong since 1913. With fresh crabs, lobsters, and everything else you can think of on their menu, you shouldn’t be surprised they are on our list of top seafood restaurants in Miami. We should mention their exquisite drinks menu, from perfectly aged whiskeys to fresh and fruity cocktails. You will find something for anyone. While the ambient is fantastic, the only downside is the no-reservation policy they have. This makes waiting times long. However, they offer takeaway, which can be made into a lovely picnic or a relaxing indoor fiesta. 

The River Oyster Bar

This modern and seemingly underrated bar will cater to all of your senses, with the freshest oysters from all over the country and a wide selection of wines. The jazzy ambient music will make you will right at home and relaxed while enjoying any number of their small plates and seafood options. The new location is more prominent, and the interior design is adorned with emerald green accents with modern yet simple decor that will leave you breathless. This is why the River Oyster Bar is considered one of the best seafood restaurants Miami has to offer, and we recommend you visit it as soon as possible!

The Spillover 

Are you looking for a relaxed Sunday afternoon lunch or dinner with a fantastic beer? Look no further. The Spillover is famous for its innovative cuisine, excellent beer options, and simple interior with the possibility of also sitting outside, which is becoming a rarity. From huge fish burgers to prawns and amazingly fresh seafood salads, this joint will make you want to come back, making this a well-sought-after seafood place in Miami.  

Area 31

Sitting right on the Miami River bank, this top-rated Miami seafood restaurant will offer you not just incredible views but also light and delicious food paired with unique cocktails. This hip seafood restaurant in Miami caters to the urban crowd that frequents the place, offering anything from salt and pepper calamari to caviar-topped deviled eggs. Perfect for sunset-adorned date nights or a dinner with friends. Either way, we recommend visiting this restaurant and enjoying everything it offers. Make sure to reserve a table in advance since the place is usually packed because here you can find some of the best seafood in Miami.

La Camaronera Seafood Joint and Fish Market

Existing for over 50 years, this Latin-influenced seafood restaurant in Miami has had humble beginnings and grew into a full-service establishment. The Camaronera’s Shrimp special to delicious sandwiches with soft Cuban rolls, this unique mix of cuisine with flavor explosions will have you returning for more. All the fish is caught locally and comes from Miami. While this isn’t a fancy, high-priced, over-the-top spot, the food is to die for and caters to true seafood lovers. 

Final Thoughts

While we have covered some of the best seafood restaurants Miami currently offers, the list can go on forever. This city is flamboyant and perfect for vacations or work trips where you want that summer, beachy vibe to constantly trail behind you. The fantastic events scheduled for this summer, including the Miami Swim Week, will help you pass your time faster, with the ability to indulge in delicious seafood. We hope you will expand your palette and enjoy everything this magnificent city represents, from the gorgeous beaches to captivating views.  

This article is supposed to provide you with insight into all the places you should visit, if you haven’t, but also make it easier to navigate through the bustling streets of a city that never sleeps. We know you will find something you’ll love and enjoy and something perfect to satisfy your seafood cravings. 

And if you cannot come and visit the capital of the Sunshine state this July, save this article for the future; you’ll definitely need it. 

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