Where to Find the Best Brunch This Fall in Miami, Florida

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Is there anything better than going on a brunch date with your best friends during the weekend, when you can talk about all the great things that happened last night or the embarrassing ones? We are not here to judge. But to feel entirely in the zone and feel safe to relax and talk about what you did last night, you need to find the best spot for that. And you are lucky if you live or you’re visiting Florida’s most exciting coastal city because there are some excellent brunch places in Miami. 

We made a list of the best places to go, eat and relax if you are looking to cure the hangover from last night and you happen to be in Miami. So, let us introduce you to the best joints if you want to do brunch in Miami. 

Stiltsville Fish Bar

If you are looking for a good seafood place to take your friends, Stiltsville Fish Bar is the place to go. It’s located in the most beautiful neighborhood, Sunset Harbour, and you’ll love it there. They are serving top-quality food, but the atmosphere is so relaxed that you’ll have a feeling you are at someone’s house. They have an excellent seafood selection but also serve many different dishes. Their Tuna Ceviche and Caviar Deviled Eggs are to die for, alongside Conch Fritters. Crab Cakes are also a big hit, and we recommend you to get their Sweet Corn Spoon Bread along with them. 

They also have a very extensive cocktail menu, so if you want to make your Sunday brunch in Miami even more interesting, you should go for them. 

Root & Bone Miami

One of the best brunch places in Miami is undoubtedly Root & Bone Miami, as it is one of the best places for Southern comfort food. Their brunch menu is long and filled with delicious dishes, so you will not be hungry once the brunch is over. And your hangover will disappear. To start the Sunday brunch in Miami the right way, we recommend you to get the Drunken Deviled Eggs and Smoky Bacon Board. Their Watermelon and Farmers Cheese Salad is so refreshing and lovely you’ll want a second portion. And if you want something to share with your friends, you can get their Fried Chicken Brined in Sweet Tea or Barbeque Bruleed Spare Ribs. We can’t tell you which is better, depending on which type of meat you like more. Waffle Benedict and the classics American Roots Breakfast or Fried Chicken and Waffles are simple yet stunning options. We are sure that here you can get the best brunch in Miami, so make sure to visit them the next time you are not in the mood for cooking.

Phuc Yea

Besides its exciting and hilarious name, this Vietnamese place will give you a unique experience if you visit them for the best brunch in Miami. The best thing about Phuc Yea is that they often change their menus, try to avoid bland dishes, and offer only the exciting ones. 

Their Banh Mi is out of this world, and they have many different options, including fried chicken, soft shell crab, and pork. There are also many other creative options they have, but you must go and see and taste them for yourself.

Osteria Morini

Are you looking for something a bit different, something that’s “not your typical brunch place,” then why not visit Osteria Morini? It’s one of the best Italian restaurants located in South Beach. Their baked burrata with juicy tomatoes and smoky eggplants will make you crave more, and it is the best introduction to a long brunch in Miami. Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll feel like you are in a movie, and sometimes we all need to romanticize our lives, so why not start from here? 

And when we say it’s going to be long, they offer unlimited pours of mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Italian Garibaldi, and Bellini’s. What do you say about that? We say it’s an incredible offer for only $30. And the best part is that you can mix the drinks and try them all, even though we don’t recommend mixing many different beverages, but sometimes you need to do it. And this is one of the best brunch places in Miami where you can do something like this. 

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

So, now you know where to go for this Sunday brunch in Miami. The next place on our list is not a restaurant; it’s a bar. But it’s a bar with an incredible brunch option available on Sundays. They serve it from noon to 5 pm, so you have enough time to eat, drink, summarize the night before, and enjoy with your friends. 

And when it comes to food, they have everything. They have typical breakfast foods; you can eat steak, eggs, and tortillas. But you can also eat something a bit fancy, like fresh oysters. They also offer a bottomless rose on tap for an additional $35, which is fantastic. And if you are more of a cocktail person, you’ll be delighted with their cocktail list.

Batch Gastropub

Let’s talk about food, as there’s no point in this if you are not going to eat. Do you want to experience the typical atmosphere of a sports bar? If that’s the case, visit the Batch Gastropub. They offer brunch options on Saturdays and Sundays, and they also offer bottomless drinks. This is the best and most affordable one, as you can get as much as you want for only $22.50. You can choose from Bellini’s, sangria, or mimosas, but you should know that there’s a time limit, and the offer stands for 90 minutes. Here you can expect some classic options that are all tasty and good. 

Bulla Gastrobar

We mentioned that the last place has the best offer for bottomless drinks, well this one has an every better. Here you can drink bottomless sangria for only $19. How cool is that? And for $29, you can get a three-course brunch meal. As this is a Spanish restaurant, they also offer a tapas-style banquet you can share with your friends. 


We had to include at least one vegan place in our Sunday brunch in Miami guide, and Planta is the best one we can recommend. The food here is outstanding and healthy, but you won’t believe it’s vegan. They have everything on their menu, and you can get your favorite dishes but veganized. Try their scramble, and it will blow your mind, as it’s even better than some we tried that were made with real eggs. And their French toast and waffles are also worth the hype. 

American Social

Another sports bar that will make you feel comfortable is the American Social. It’s a great place to visit if you like places like this. Here you’ll get some classic American-styled meals alongside delicious craft beer. The food is incredible and perfect if you crave something to comfort your soul and body after a night out. 

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